July 6, 1991 - October 1, 1991

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (S.I.D.S).

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and still a day dont go by,
that your not thought about and missed.


God took our little Angel
A harp she now can play
A trumpet and an organ
To greet those on there way

I can see her face just shinning
I can hear the crys of Praise
Shes singing in the choir
Oh what amazing grace

Im not alone, so do not cry
I have family here with me
As many as there are on earth
They all take care of me

Someday when you come calling
Heavens gates will open wide
With open arms, and lots of love
We "ll welcome you inside

Yes God took our little Angel
No time to say good bye
But Heavens not that far away
We"ll see her Bye and Bye

Written by Grandma Betty
June 1, 1998




So Small, So Sweet, So Soon

Born five weeks early, weighing only 4lb-6oz.,A fairly healthy little girl. Spent one week in the hospital, and only 2 of those days incubated. Doctors were very happy with the way she was handling the outside world, deciding she could come home.

The homecoming was great, she had two sisters at home, just eager to meet her. After she was two weeks old, it was time to go back to work.She was almost 3 weeks old when daddy got to meet her, he was working in BC , not expecting her to be born. His first words were, "SO SMALL". At one month she was still under 6 pounds, not gaining that great, but she was healthly.

The next month was a good month, gained almost two pounds, She just loved big sister Desiree, always smiled when Desiree came around,"SO SWEET"and really enjoyed a music box that played "OVER THE RAINBOW ",it always seemed to calm her down. She also loved a pooh bear that she always hugged. Didnt like the crib too much, it was still big compared to her. Her smiles were starting to come out, making everyone laugh, getting the nicest blue eyes, didn't have much hair though, but that red in her hair really stood out.

The last month the weight was getting there. weighed 8 lb-4 oz. at 2 1/2 months. On Sept 29, Daddy found out he had to leave for Manitoba. Sept 30 was a great night, she was such a happy little girl, giving me all sorts of noises, and just wanted to cuddle. It was getting bed time, put her to bed like any other day, she woke up around 2 am crying, but went back to sleep. I woke up at 8 am Oct 1 finding Jessica had died during the night.

The hardest thing I had to do that day, was Tell her dad, over the phone, that Jessica had died. I really want to thank my family, for all that support I got that day. Without them I really don't think I could of made it through the following days..

We never had a lot of time to get to know that little girl, She left this world "SO SOON" I have a lot of special memories of her that I will never forget, she may not be with me, but her spirit is still there. I'll always cherrish that I had her for a little while, I got the chance to love her.

We placed the saying on her stone, SO SMALL, SO SWEET, SO SOON. just fitting for her, along with a little angel.