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This is the first issue of the WTWWN (White Tigers Whispering Willow Newsletter). This newsletter will inform you of things going on in the guild. It will also remind you of important dates, such as the end of the giveaway. If you wish to receive this newsletter every week please neomail popsicle_tiger_luver and tell her. You can get it via neomail or e-mail so if you want it through e-mail popsicle_tiger_luver needs to know your e-mail address too.


Don’t forget to enter some of our many guild contests!

Awards – Each month the guild gives away awards. A prize of neopoints and a faerie comes with the award. There are five different awards, Member of the Month, Best Newcomer, Best Lookup, Best Shop, and Pet of the month. The last three, Best lookup, shop, and pet, you must be nominated for. You can nominate yourself or possibly persuade someone else to nominate you. If you win an award you will be able to copy the code for it from the guild web site so you can put it in your shop or petpage.

Giveaway - Buy items priced at 300 neopoints from tiger_whisper’s shop. Each item you buy counts as one ticket and one time that your name will be entered into the contest. The next giveaway winner will be drawn on March 25th and will receive a Baby Paintbrush and as many neopoints as other people paid for tickets.


There is a lot of other fun stuff to do in the guild, too!

Silent Auction – The guild silent auction, run by krimedawgs, is a place where you can bid on neopets items. At the end of the week the person who bid the highest will pay krimedawgs that many neopoints in exchange for the item they bid on.

Wishing Well – Neomail White_tiger_whisper and wish for something worth 5,000 neopoints or less and your wish might come true. Don’t wish too often though, it will be less likely that you get what you wished for after a few times.

Backgrounds – You can get tiger related backgrounds for your shop or petpage on our webs site, too. You can learn how to put them into your user lookup at the neopets html guide. Here is the URL: neopets.com/help/html_13.phtml

Story Corner: Write stories about neopets for all the guild to read. Send them to white_tiger_-whisper.


February 28th - Silent auction ends

March 4th - kramer_711’s B-day

March 25th – Giveaway drawn

Near the end of the month - Awards given


Banner – Make sure you advertise the guild with the banner found on the guild web site. There is a code to copy into your shop or petpage.

Donate – As you probably know this guild gives away a lot of neopoints but we need support so any donation you can give is great. Also, after buying giveaway tickets you have all those useless items so offer them on one of tiger_whisper’s trades and they will be recycled back to the guild. This is helpful so tiger_whisper doesn’t have to spent time and money buying more items for the giveaway shop.

~~ DON’T FORGET!! ~~

If you want to receive the WTWWN every week neomail popsicle_tiger_luver. Tell her if you want it through neomail or e-mail and if you want it through e-mail she needs your e-mail address. After this week the newsletter will only be sent to people who have subscribed and people who joined the guild in the last week.