These Poems I have written
some may already be on pages on the net.

This poem was written for a great friend- Wolverine


Ever had a true friend
One who likes you as you are
Is always there to help and serve
and treats you like a star.

I know a man, a gentle soul
A friend thats true and just
I wish you all could know him
It really is a must.

He has a way of teasing
that just warms you thru and thru
Makes every day more special
just because you know hes true.

Hes a frienda pal, a bud you see
hes so kind and good and sweet
He will always be a super friend
Hope some day that we can meet

Yes just know you by the words you use
and by the picture that you sent
But I know you are the very best
A friend, a pal, a gent..

Gramms 12/14/98bar

To all the friends that we have met
This kindly wish you now will get.
May all your days be bright and warm
And smiles so rich and full of charm.

These rooms we have to meet and chat
Is full of wonders where were at.
Its like a place to be yourself
Kindness never on the shelf.

Your all the very best, indeed
Help for those that are in need.
You all roll out the welcome mat
Cant ask for better friends than that.

Gramms 12/15/98bar
This Poem was written for Alma


You are such a lovely person
You mean the world to me
Let me say how much I love you
Im just as proud as I could be

A twin sister is so special
Not everyone could know
You have to be a pair you see
For that kind of love to grow

You have always been a super friend
Always there to lend a hand
I know I am so fortunate
To have a sister oh so grand

I hope that you will never change
That we will always feel this way
I know Ill always Love you
And be glad for every day

We have shared each others happiness
We shared our sorrows to
But best of all we share a bond
That only twins can do

Each day I thank the Lord above
He lets me share your love
A gift that is so precious
Could only come from God above

Gramms July26, 1999

Goodness sakes now what is this
look what all of us did miss
A perfect pair, tis plain to see
Surfing on the net with me

This is really such a blast
a frienship now , and it will last
A perfect pair, so cute and sweet
Yes Wren and Hugz, this is a treat

Gramms Sept 1999
This poem was written for my daughter Rose.


I have a daughter Her name is Rose
Shes most like her Mother this I suppose
She has a heart thats as big as the sea
Shes one of the best friends for you and for me

Shes small as a whisper, but mighty in soul
Watches the oilers to see all the goals
Loves all her net friends both near and far
Even goes visit them , yes with her car

Sure glad shes my daughter, A joy to behold
cant find a reason , ever to scold
She can take any day and make it complete
Just because shes so so sweet

Gramms September 1999

Love is a word  small  as a mite
But bigger in feelings than even our site
It carrys us through more toil and strife  

Than we can imagine, its part of our life

Love is free,  no cost to endure
Makes life a pleasure, that is for sure
Some thing we all  should say daily you see  
Makes smiles and happiness for you and for me

So  as each day  begins, let Love be your goal
Sharing a small  word its good for our soul  
Makes us all  richer, deep down inside
Showing our feelings and yes all our pride

So mighty a word , its a pleasure to know
Just have to use it each day it will show 
And best thing there is to heal your heart
Is knowing your loved right from the start

Gramms   January 20  2000

A Mothers Intuition  

It really is  quite funny, When we try so hard to hide
The  things we know we shouldnt do, and   hurt our mothers pride
We think were just a little smarter,and wiser after all
She will never have to find it out, We wont tell her, its our call

Strange as it is she knows  much more, than we will ever tell
Tis hard to fool your mother,she raised her children well
She can tell  your every motion,she can read between the lines
She knows when you are troubled , or just hiding in the pines

So if your wise as you think you are, better take a second look
Your mother knows , whats going on,she reads you like a book

You may be young or maybe  old, doesnt matter she still sees
Shes just waiting for the moment , to put you on your knees

  So now you see , your mother , has more wisdom than you think
She has more ways of telling, than you can even blink
Be very careful ,not to break that bond that she has built

The thing that breaks that bond you see, is you and yes your guilt

  Keep  the trust that you both have built,dont take away her pride
After all  she is our mother, she was always there to guide
All  she ever ask for was nothing more than love and yes respect
So before you try to fool her, shes already on detect.

    One thing my mother instilled in me, dont ever turn your back
One day youll find youve lost your way, best to stay on track
She to was young and understood,what we had in mind

She passed it on to me you see and I to you, to find

Gramms Jan.12 , 2000

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