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Essays guild members wrote

This is my essay ,,its short but sweet,,i joined this guild cause the people are neat,,we are all here to help each other,,and i like to feel like im one of the guilds mothers,,lol,,so much for the poetry,,but truely i do feel like one of the guilds mothers,,im here to help and try and make it the best ever,, and i think it is,,my only wish is that all our members feel like a family!

From Purrkittyaimee77

This is an informative and hopefully persuasive essay about the “Survivor” idea.
I am coconutbrain4

The Survivor idea has been around the guild for a while, but it was never put into action for the lack of participation from guild members. The setup is nearly complete and it would be ready to run as soon as enough members of the guild become interested. Running this Survivor idea and possibly getting sponsorship from the guild would possibly bring some Survivor loving fans into the guild, get more action going on, and allow members to interact more with one another.

The way the game would be run has already been thought out. Details can be seen at These details haven’t been updated in a while, so changes can and probably will be made. One of the changes will be the requirement to pay. If the guild will sponsor this, it will mean that the guild pays for any prizes and no members need to. Once we begin advertising it, neopians who want to play would join the guild. This promotes the activeness and growth of the guild.

The guild has been low on action recently. The same members are popping up in every competition or giveaway, and some members probably never check the guild message board. If we can get some extra people involved in the Survivor, then they will be reminded that there are activities to participate in.

The way the game is set up, members who are into it will end up chatting together, forming alliances, and hopefully neofriendships. Perhaps this will also contribute to a more active guild. The more people involved in the guild, the more people can run separate competitions as well.

This would be a great idea and activity if the guild will provide a prize and if members will be active in it. Perhaps we should announce the prize, announce the rules, and advertise outside the guild to allow more people to join and play. I’m hoping that this idea can finally get off the ground for a big guild event with a large winning prize.


This is my essay for the essay contest, I am popsicle_tiger_luver  


When I joined White_tigers_whispering_willow it was the best guild I had ever been in. There was a huge giveaway, a drive, wishing well and much more great stuff for members to do. After a while though it seemed things just got boring. It was always the same contests, monthly, biweekly, weekly, nothing new, just the same old things. I don’t know if I noticed this when I wrote the newsletter every week and found myself repeating things over and over but I noticed and it was getting to me. I don’t doubt the guilds ability to be the great guild I joined a few months ago but it will take some open-mindedness and willingness to help out from everybody especially kings and co-kings.

First of all, we need new and fun contests. Of course drives and raffles are nice but just doing those over and over can get very boring. One idea that seemed like a lot of fun was coconutbran3’s survivor game. A lot of people seemed interested but only two signed up on the first attempt. Other team games such as a race to finish a list of jobs similar to the ones at the employment agency would be fun, too. Points would be awarded for jobs finished and also for finishing position. The winning team would receive a prize. I’m sure if we gave ideas like this a chance they would be a lot of fun. Any ideas members come up with should be discussed and tried, if only once they still can be fun and will break the monotony of the same contests all the time.

Second, there should be more communication between kings and co-kings. We have a council chat room but it has not once been used. I think this is very important if we have new and more complex contests so that we can organize them better. There should be a weekly meeting organized for kings and co-kings we could fill in those who could not make the meeting and the rest of the guild on anything important.

Third of all, the website should be a place people can go to get updated information on anything going on in the guild. I have noticed since I joined that those who can update it are busy with a lot of other things and therefore don’t get to it as often as necessary to keep it updated. I suggest that a few people who have few responsibilities in the guild yet are trusted should be allowed access to the website and things people needed on the website would be done by them. This may include some redesigning to make things more easily accessible to visitors.

My fourth and final suggestion is of less importance to the fun aspect of the guild but will help the monotony and that is to change the layout once in a while. Getting a member who is good at html who you trust to make the layout can be hard but it is worth it top have some change to the layout once in a while.

To conclude my essay, I suggest that we run some new contests in the guild. The kings and co-kings should communicate better. The website should be kept better up to date and the layout could be changed once in a while to prevent monotony. I believe these changed can make this guild as great as or better than it ever was!

My Guild
By Desirae336

The best guild is not the one with a million members. It isn't the one where people join for neopoints. Its where friends are made and help is given to those who need it. In case you are wondering, I know just that guild. White_tigers_whispering_willow. There are sooo many things that make this place great. The friends are the key part. Without all the kind people here it just wouldn't be a guild. They continuessley help each other out and give support to those who need it. There is also other reasons why it is sooo great! One of them is the many contests and activities that go on here.

Adding to this wonderful guild are the activities. The drives play a big role of how the guild stays active and helps people out. They offer wonderful prizes and a challenge between guild members. Then there is the huge giveaway. It is very generous what some people do even if they dont win. That is what counts.

Next there are the guild leaders. Wha can you say? Withou the wonderful guild leaders the guild wouldn't exist. They give sooo much and all they ask for in return is some participation and appreciation. Many of us tend to forget about this and join because they want a guild but there are many others who join because they want to make friends and those members who love the guild and cherish its opportunities.

Finnally there sre the things that could change. Well, to be honest, the only thing that could change would have to be participation in the activities. People just have to be active and some just need to understand that the leaders do so much for them.

I hope this has showed my opinion of my wonderful guild. If we work together and act like the best guild we will be!

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