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Just a few tips to make playing the games easier.

So far we have the following game helps, enjoy :)
Just click on the game you want and it will take you there.

This game is a bit time consuming but I usually get 1000np per game. The pay is 1x your score.


- You can't stop, you can only turn around.
- Hubrid (the guy on the lightning cloud) can do three different things, one is catching you on fire, this takes away a little bit of your health and gets worse every round, another is freezing you so that you can't do anything for a little bit, this can be simply an inconvinience or it can cause you to run into ghosts which hurts you, the last is making the ghosts get larger, this is the best one because it doesn't hurt you and can even make the ghosts easier to shoot.
- There is no way that I know of to get rid of Hubrid, the best thing is to ignore him completely and hope he doesn't hurt you too much.
- Chias shoot mucus balls at you and they hurt.
- Jubjubs turn into three smaller jubjubs when shot.
- nothing
- Sometimes your energy beams go strait through a ghost without killing it, this happens mostly when you turn quickly before or after you shoot or when you don't have enough energy. You're energy meter will tell you how much you have.
- The green orbs with skulls inside and a red ball circling them are health boosters. They are also worth 5 points each. 


- To slow down turn the other way, you will continue to fly in the direction you were going for a bit, when you start going the other way turn back and continue toward the ghost but keep slow by turning around and quickly turning back. This sounds complicated at first but soon it will become automatic.
- Watch your radar and slow down when you come close to a ghost.
- Shoot from a good distance in case your shot doesn't work.
- Kill chias first if there are more than one ghost on the screen.
- When you shoot a jubjub, shoot the small ones right away so you can shoot them all in one or two shots instead of them spreading out.
- Collect health when it's there even if you have full health, it tends to disappear if you leave it.
- Practice all these skills and soon you might get a nice trophy!

This game takes only a few minutes a play and can get 1000 points if you do well. The pay is 5x your score.


- Each warf is worth 2 points when it lands.
- Each kadoatie is worth 10 points and 20 seconds.
- To get a 'perfect' you need to throw the warf just high enough to land on the tower. The bonus is pretty good if you get a few in a row.
- To get a color bonus you need to get three or more warfs of the same color on top of each other. You have no control over the colors though. 3 in a row=1pt 4=2 more pts 5=3 more pts. This is as far as I've gotten.
- The timer goes the same speed no matter how fast the rest of the game goes.


- Set the quality to low no matter how fast your computer is. The faster the game goes the more you can get done a second.
- If you aren't aiming for a perfect throw the warf as high as it will go to be safe.
- If you miss the point to let go, wait, it will go back up.
- As soon as you let one warf go click again to start the power for another. It will waste a lot of time if you wait for the green thing to bounce back.
- After the first kadoatie is picked up wait for the next "kadoatie" red pointer. If none apears then throw three or four more warfs up and wait again. The worst thing to do is miss a kadoatie especially with a slow computer since. you get less done in the time you have and get points slower.
- If the kadoatie is far to the side continue throwing the warfs one after the other but let the green thing go farther to the side of the red, I can't explain how far, you will have to figure that out for yourself.
- If you do go for the perfect be careful not to drop any warfs since once you drop three you lose.

This game is unpredictable how long or how many points. I have gotten over 1000 before twice and also have gotten only 400 using all thses tips. The pay is 1x your score.


- This game doesn't show your score on the screen but you will need to be lucky to get over 1000. I feel it is still worth it though.
- I found out that the point values are as follows: Head-2 pts.....Feet-2pts.....Body-2 pts.....Arm-0 pts.....umbrella-2 pts.....pie-5 pts
- There are three ways to lose, 1:out of health 2:out of time 3:out of ammo
- Things fall from the sky to keep these things from happening, collect wooden boxes for ammo, clocks for time, and white boxes whith red +'s for health.
- There are two ways to lose health, being hit by pies, and if you shoot a robots head, feet, and arm and not the body the body will explode in a few seconds and hurt you.
- If you shoot a falling robot's feet it's whole body will explode but you can shoot it's head
- If you shoot a robot's umbrella when he is too high up he will explode when he hits the ground.
- If you shoot a body while it's falling it will explode but reapear when it would have hit the gound.


- If you have a slow computer set the quality to low so the game goes faster and your mouse doesn't drag.
- On walking robots: shoot the head first then double click the feet. - That will blow up the feet and body quick and that whole thing will give you 6 pts.
- On falling robots, shoot the umbrella only OR the head and umbrella and let it fall to the ground where you shoot the head, (maybe)and feet and body.
- Don't shoot the umbrella too high up or you will lose the robot.
- Collect all falling health, ammo, and clocks
- Do everything FAST you have limited time.
- If you are low on ammo, wait, nothing but pies can hurt you so shoot the pies and if time or ammo falls collect it, when you get ammo start shooting again.
- If there is a pie coming at you do everything you can to make sure you get it, not only does that protect you from the pie but it also gives you 5 points.

This game guide is intended for those people who have played this game and are already skilled at shooting the fuzzles. It will give you some pointers and tips for getting further in the game.

There are 2 ways to play this game. One is going for the high score, and one is just for going for 1000 points per game. I’ll explain how to go for the high score, then tell you what changes when you only want 1000 points.

There are 2 parts to this game, buying supplies, and the actual fight against the fuzzles.

The Fight:

While you are shooting the fuzzles, you also need to be shooting mines, collecting bonuses, watching your hull integrity, watching the distance to the next station, and possibly watching how strong your shield is. Radar is neccesary for battle as it will tell you where fuzzles are coming at you from. If it shows that one is coming from the right, and you press "n" to look all the way to the right, and you can’t see it, click off your screen where it says "droid repair" and it will kill the fuzzle.

You always shoot 10 fuzzles in a row without missing, then click the bonus button to collect your bonus. The exception to this is when you are almost to the station. Then you can shoot a few fuzzles over 10 to get more points, or collect what you already have so you don’t lose any bonus. Most of your points will be made with the bonus, so this is really important.

Later in the game, those mines that come down the middle will do a lot of damage. You need to be sure you hit them past level 10. Before level 7 or so hit the fuzzles or collect a bonus and sacrifice some hull integrity to the mine because it won’t do very much damage. Also, you only need to click the mine once to destroy it. Many of the fuzzles require 2 clicks.

The fuzzles come in groups of 2. When you shoot 2, 2 more will come, so the faster you shoot them, the more points per round you get. If the fuzzles get to close they will do damage to your walker based on how strong they are. There is more information about this later.


Buying supplies is what you do between every round of fighting. These supplies are used during battle to protect you and help you get further in the game. Assuming you can score enough points for these items, the following is a list of what you should buy at the end of each round.

- 1: MegaGun; Droid Repair/Radar (one of them)

- 2: MegaGun; Droid Repair/Radar (what you didn’t get the round before)

- 3: MegaGun (this is the last time you need MegaGun as even the strongest fuzzle requires 2 clicks. This will make sure that you never have to triple click any fuzzle.)

- 4: 5 shields; 5 stun bombs; 5 smart bombs (must buy this round or before because prices go up)

  • 5+: Get your droid repair to maximum and resupply any items you use.


- If you are hit by a fuzzle or two, don’t panic. Try to avoid being hit for a while and your droid repair can take care of you. If you seem to be under constant attack and can’t get things under control, activate a shield or stun bomb by clicking on it under your screen. Don’t use a shield unless your hull integrity is below 40-60 (depends on skill level) because it is a waste of a shield as your droid repair will fix any random hits.

- A fuzzle hitting you will always ruin your "in a row" bonus. Even if you have a shield or they are stunned they will still make the bonus go to zero.

- Mines can not be stopped by anything except your gun fire. If they hit you it will not take away your bonus, but they hurt really badly in the later rounds (30+ hull points).

- You should never buy hull integrity because it is just too costly. A shild will stop 4 fuzzles. In the later rounds that equals 64 points. One shield costs the same as 10 hull integrity points. Your droid should repair any damages.

Just want 1000 points?

The following is what you should change if you just want 1000 points:

  • Don’t worry about your droid repair. Get the first droid repair then you shouldn’t need any more if you are skilled enough.
  • Buy a MegaGun every round you can. This will allow you to single click for the maximum time, therefore, bringing in more points.
  • Only get 1 shield and a few stun bombs. This is all you will need.
  • Once you have the 1000 points, you must finish the current round. Use the shield and stun bombs to get through it with ease.
  • After your hits have been converted to points. Just let the next round run and the fuzzles will finish you off. Click "send score" and collect for your success.

* I have gotten all my information from my own experience, and a very helpful Neopian Times article. I suggest that you read this article at It has some information that I did not include, and it will make you an even better Evil Fuzzles player. The best way to get better is to play often.

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