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Stories written by Guild Members

The End of Tricks For Megadog

Written by eagle_eye 129

jjjjjj One fine morning in a little city called "Faerie City", there was a Jubjub that loved to play tricks. This Jubjub was called Megadogtough. He used to fool all of the pets that lived with him. Some of Megadogs tricks would get him into trouble, but that didn't stop him from doing more next time. On this day, Megadog was thinking of a good trick to play on Techo his brother. The only thing that he could think of was to make Techo think that he was missing, and hide where no one could find him. He was chuckling and giggling all the time through breakfast, and the others could not figure out what was so funny. They would ask Megadog but the only response they got was just another chuckle or giggle. After breakfast was finished all the pets went outside to play and have some fun. Megadog knew that this was the perfect time to play his little trick on Techo. While all of the pets where playing Faerie Caves, Megadog told Techo, since he was the oldest, that he would be right back and to go on ahead and finish playing the game. Techo continued to play and one of his sisters Chuu had won the game.

jjjjjj Techo checked their neopian home again, just to make sure that he wasnt just hiding on them. But he turned up nothing to even show where he could be at. The search continued on into where the poogle races were and even at the hidden towers. They checked the employment agency and the bookshop too. The day was going on as they all searched and worried about Megadog. Day became night and pets were starting to think that Megadog would never get found. The search came to a halt when it was too dark to see, and they called in the neopian police to see if they could help in the search for Megadog. The police got their flash lights and Puppyblews out to help in looking for him. The hours seemed to pas quickly and before they knew it, the sunrise had started to come up. Megadog woke up to a beam of sunlight that shined through the crack in the porch. He started to wonder what happened to someone finding him, then tears came down his cheek.

jjjjjj Megadog got up from under the porch and looked around to see who he could find. The search had ended earlier and everyone had gone inside to wait to see if they had heard from Megadog. Once he realized that no one was outside looking for him, he ran up to the door of the house and peeked in the tiny window. There was his family, sleeping away. He went on in the house and up to Eagle_eyes room. Tipping toe over to the bed where she layed, Megadog called out her name in a small whisper voice. Eagle_eye woke up. Realizing who she was seeing, she sat up quickly. "Where were you? Are you ok? Are you hurt?" where the questions that came from her right away. Megadog told her what had happened and the trick that he tried to play on Techo. Eagle_eye scooped him up into her arms and told him that everyone in Faerie City and Faerie Land were out there looking for him. Megadog began to cry again when he started thinking about everyone that was out there looking, and that Eagle_eye, Chuu and Techo were so worried. "I promise that I will never play another trick on anyone again and I am sorry for what I had done" were the words that came out of his mouth before drifting off to sleep in Eagle_eyes arms. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and laid him down to rest.

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